Internet Society NGO announces the launch of the third edition of the Armenian School on Internet Governance.

During the 3-day course the following topics will be discussed: the Internet ecosystem and the multistakeholder model, Domain Names System (DNS) and IP addresses, Cloud technologies, cybersecurity and cybercrime. Discussions will also tackle topics on Human Rights and their Protection, Media Literacy, Open Government Partnership, Local Content, Social Network, Influencer Marketing, and many more.

Thematic discussions will have various formats: Q&As, debates, open discussions, etc. where the participants will have an opportunity to use the practical information they learn.

The course will be held on 11-13 September 2019. All participants will be awarded with Certificates upon the end of the course. The working language is Armenian, though some materials and presentations may be available in English.

The whole course is free for all stakeholder group representatives.