Internet Society NGO announces the launch of the second edition of the Armenian School on Internet Governance.The five-month course is organized in cooperation with the “United Armenian Volunteers League” at the American University of Armenia.

The whole course is divided into six sections: Introduction, Technical, Legal, Security, Economic and Socio-Cultural, within the framework of which it will be introduced what the Internet is and how it works, what the Domain Names System (DNS) and IP addresses are, what Cloud Technologies people trust to, what kind of cybercrime is happening and how the security authorities fight against it. Discussions will also cover topics on Cybersecurity, Spam and Coding, Human Rights Online and their Protection, Bitcoin, Blockchain Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, as well as many other Internet governance related topics.

Thematic discussions will be held in different formats: Q&As, debates, webinars, open discussions, etc. where the students will have an opportunity to use the practical information they learn.

The course is proposed to start in the second half of January 2018, once a week for 3 hours.

At the end of each month, it is required to submit essays on relevant topics. At the end of the entire course, all active students will be awarded with Certificates.

The working language will be Armenian, though some materials and presentations may be available in English.

The whole course is free.

On July 17-21, 2017 the Internet Society NGO, with support of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) launched the first Armenian School of Internet Governance (ArmSIG) in Yerevan.
30 students from different Universities of Armenia have participated to 5-days free course of the School for exploring Internet governance related topics and various issues. Each day was devoted to the discussion of a specific range of issues covering the following areas: The history of the Internet (Introduction), Infrastructure, Security and Human rights, Economic, Developments, Socio-Cultural Aspects.

The course was run by well-known and experienced specialists from the IT sphere, speakers and experts from Armenia and beyond.

Upon the completion of the course, the students were awarded with Certificates.