Internet Society NGO and Internet Society Armenia Chapter PO announces the launch of the 4-th edition of the Armenian School on Internet Governance with 4-day program.

Hybrid meeting methods (online and on-site) will be exercised for the thematic discussions of various formats: Q&As, debates, open discussions, etc. where the participants will have an opportunity to use the practical information they learn.

The course will be held on 14-17 September 2020. Participants would have an opportunity to be awarded with Certificates upon the end of the course.
The working language is Armenian, though some materials and presentations may be available in English and Russian.

The whole course is free for all stakeholder group representatives.

ArmSIG  Organizers

Lianna Galstyan

“Internet Society” NGO, Head of External Relations, Board Chair

Lianna Galstyan has been working in the field of domain names for 20 years. She initiated and co-organized a number of capacity development projects around the Internet ecosystem (ArmSIG, Girls in ICT, Regithon, ArmIGF), organized and moderated various local and international events.

She has been a Board Member of the Internet Society NGO since 2013. Ms. Galstyan is a member of the SEEDIG and ArmIGF Executive Committee, and from 2018 she is also a member of the UN-led IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group.

She is a founding member of the ISOC Armenia Chapter and the Board Chair for the 2-nd term.

Kristina Hakobyan

Head of Staff, ITC LLC

Kristina Hakobyan started her career in the field of domain name registration in 2010. She played an important role in the development of several registrar companies. Since 2015, she has participated in many local and international events, as well as co-organized different internet related events (ArmSIG, N2Forum, Girls in ICT).

Starting from 2019, she is a Board member of Internet Society NGO and an advisor to the Representation of Armenia in the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) of ICANN. Currently she works at the Internet Technology Center LLC as a Head of Staff.

Syuzan Marukhyan

Director, ARISC Armenia Branch

Syuzan Marukhyan is the Director of ARISC Armenia Branch and UFSD Communication and Social Marketing Manager. Since 1994 she has worked in different foreign and international organizations in the spheres of management and administration, public and media relations and communication, research, translation and publishing.

In 1999, she was the Editor in Chief for “” magazine. She is an ISOC global member and an individual member of ICANN At Large (APRALO).

Ani Dallakian

“Internet Society” NGO, Project Manager

Ani Dallakian is one of the students of the inaugural Armenian School on Internet Governance (ArmSIG). She is currently working as a Project Manager at “Internet Technology Center”.

Ani received Bachelor’s degree at the Russian-Armenian University, in the faculty of management in 2018 and Master’s degree at “Project Management” in 2020. She has successfully participated in various local and global projects, has done a lot of volunteer work.